2nd Congress of Minimally Invasive Surgery

Bylaws for participants of the 2nd Congress of Minimally Invasive Surgery

§1. Initial provisions

1. The present Bylaws set the conditions for participation in the online Conference ‘2nd Congress of Minimally Invasive Surgery, which will be transmitted on the website www. kongreschmi.eu from 15.10. to 17.10.2020, hereinafter referred to as ‘The Conference’.

2. The executive organizer is the Wydawnictwo Czelej Sp. z o.o. with headquarters in Lublin, at ul. Skrajna 12-14, NIP 712-24-12-888, hereinafter referred to as the ‘Organizer’.

3. The official web service of the Conference is found at: www.kongreschmi.eu

4. Conference ‘2nd Congress of Minimally Invasive Surgery 2020’ is an international, three-day scientific and educational meeting, organized in the form of lectures and discussions. The conference will be broadcast from a studio organized in a hotel room or other place chosen by the Organizer. Some lectures may be pre-recorded and broadcast during the conference. Discussions will be conducted from the studio by the Lecturers located in the Presidium of individual sessions.

5. Access to some of the presented content will be also possible during and after the conference, at the Internet location specified by the Organizer.

6. The participants of the Online Conference may be doctors, regardless of their specialization, having the license to practice medicine (PWZ), medical students and persons trading medicinal products. For this reason, during the registration process it is necessary to provide the PWZ number or student ID number.

7. During the Conference, the participant will be able to attend lectures and discussions (questions asked in the chat will be presented to the Lecturers in the Presidium), as well as  conversations conducted in virtual rooms.

8. The participant will be able to visit virtual stands and participate in sponsored lectures, interviews, comments prepared by sponsors, as well as companies representing the medical industry. Only Participants authorized to issue prescriptions are allowed to enter the virtual stands.

9. For participation in the conference - lectures and discussions - meeting the requirements of the Supreme and Regional Medical Chamber, the Participant may receive educational points. The certificate for participation in the conference will be provided by the Organizer to the Participant after the conference in an electronic form, to the e-mail address indicated by the Participant. The certificate cannot be issued earlier. A medical student is not entitled to receive the certificate.

10. Detailed criteria for awarding educational points and issuing a certificate are presented in § 4 of these Regulations.

§ 2. Registration of Participants

1. Persons billing to participate in the Conference can register with use of:

a. electronic registration system, available at www.kongreschmi.eu, ‘Register’ tab.

b. e-mail: sklep@czelej.com.pl by writing the title of conference as subject. Please provide: the name and surname of participant, the correspondence address, e-mail address, telephone numer, PWZ number(license to practice medicine) and full invoicing details (if applicable); in your e-mail.

In the case of medical students, the e-mail should include: name and surname, student ID number, name of the university, faculty and e-mail address. Limited number of places for students.

2. The precondition for registration are the completion of registration form/provision of relevant data and acceptance of present Bylaws.

3. After completion of form an e-mail will be sent to the address provided, confirming acceptance of application form and including all data necessary to perform payment, or in case of on-line payment – confirmation of Conference participation.

4. Shall the information indicated in item 3 §2 fail to reach you within 24 hours, the Participant should contact the Organizer with use of the following e-mail address: sklep@czelej.com.pl

5. The Participant is obliged to make payment connected with his/her participation in the Conference pursuant to the price list, as included in these Bylaws and published on Conference webpage.

6. According to Article 13(1) and (2) of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of 27 April 2016, the administrator of personal data is Wydawnictwo Czelej sp.z o.o. with its registered office in Lublin, at ul. Skrajna 12-14. The participant is aware that providing data during registration is tantamount to giving consent to the processing of personal data in order to participate in the Online Conference (Article 6 (1) (b) of the GDPR).

Each Participant has the right to withdraw consent to the processing of personal data, the right to access their data, rectify it, request the cessation of processing and removal, and the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority. Providing data is voluntary, but the lack of consent makes it impossible to register for the online Conference. Participants' personal data may be transferred to entities participating in organizational work of the Online Conference.

7. In the case of group applications, the Participant declares that by sending the data of the persons applied for, he obtained their consent to participate in the Conference and to transfer their personal data to the Organizer in order to participate in the Online Conference.

8. Consent to the processing of personal data for marketing purposes - presenting advertising offers and commercial information of the Organizer's own products by sending a newsletter, telephone calls, text messages is voluntary.

9. With a separate consent of the Participant, his/her data may be entrusted to the sponsor of the Online Conference as a processor or transferred as an administrator for the purpose of marketing the Conference sponsor's own services towards the Participant.

10. The data subject has the right to withdraw consent to the processing of personal data, the right to access his data, rectify it, request the cessation and deletion of processing, and the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority.

11. Detailed rules of personal data processing and the use of cookies are described in our Privacy Policy available at: kongreschmi.eu/privacy

12. Terms of payment and costs of participation in the Conference are specified in §3 of the Bylaws. Current prices are also available on the Conference website in the "Registration" tab.

§ 3. Payment conditions and cost of participation

1. We accept traditional wire transfers, on-line transfers, debit and credit card payments that are processed with use of the PayU.pl system.

2. Bank transfers should be made within 7 days of submission of registration application to the following bank details: Bank Ochrony Środowiska S.A. O/Lublin account no.: PL67 1540 1144 2114 6406 8224 0004, account holder: Wydawnictwo Czelej Sp. z o.o., ul. Skrajna 12-14, 20-802 Lublin, transfer for: Conference name, name and surname of participant/company

3. Payment date is the date the Organizer’s account is credited.

4. Participation cost:

a) from June 2 th 2020, due to the change of the Conference formula to online meeting, the cost of participation changes:
  1. Members of the Polish Associations*
     Registration until September 15th - 150 PLN (inc. VAT)
     Registration after September 15th - 200 PLN (inc. VAT)

  2. Regular participant (practitioners who are not members of the Associations*)
     Registration till September 15th - 170 PLN (inc. VAT)
     Registration after September 15th - 220 PLN (inc. VAT)

  3. Doctors during their specialization course
     Registration till September 15th - 100 PLN (inc. VAT)
     Registration after September 15th - 120 PLN (inc. VAT)
     Please provide your current workplace address in the “Specialization course location” field of the registration form.
  4. Students of Medicine - free registration
     Please provide enter your student’s ID no. in the registration form. Please take your student’s ID with you, as it will be required to finish the registration process.

b) Participants who have registered and paid the participation fee before the change of participation prices may request a refund of the difference in participation fees at their own choice: a voucher to be used for the Organiser's products available in the online store czelej.com.pl or a refund on account.

5. The price includes participation in online Conference, printed conference materials (not applicable to students), electronic conference materials (including students), and recordings of lectures made available to participants after the Conference. Printed conference materials are guaranteed by the Organizer to Participants who will provide the Organizer with their postal address before the Conference.

6. The IT equipment and access to the Internet in order to watch the Conference broadcasts are provided by the Participant on their own.

7. The Organizer reserves the right to introduce time-limited promotional offers concerning the Conference.

8. Promotional actions may in particular take the form of discounts, rebates, participation in additional events or payment for limited access to the event, competitions, etc.

9. Registered participants who paid prior to such promotional event may not demand the return of part or whole of their participation contributions solely on the ground of the promotional action of the Organizer.

10. The Participants who paid for their participation in the Conference will receive a receipt from the Organizer. Only after direct instruction from the Participants, i.e. provision of “invoicing details” a full VAT invoice will be issued.

11. Prices for Promotional and Advertisement Services will be agreed individually in separate contracts.

§ 4. Educational points

1. For participation in the online conference ‘2nd Congress of Minimally Invasive Surgery 2020’, the participant is entitled to educational points. The number of educational points corresponds to the number of hours of substantive lectures and discussions.

2. The condition for receiving the certificate is logging in (clicking the individual link activating the conference transmission) of the Participant on the platform on which the event will be broadcast and participation in both lectures and discussions

3.The certificate specifying the number of points awarded for participation in the conference will be sent to the Participant within 14 business days from the end of the conference.

§ 5. Withdrawal of Participant

1. The Participant has the right to withdraw from participating in the Conference by submitting written Conference withdrawal notice to the Office of the Organizer at the following address: Wydawnictwo Czelej Sp. z o.o., ul. Skrajna 14, 20-802 Lublin or by e-mail to: sklep@czelej.com.pl Please mark your envelope/title your e-mail with: Withdrawal from participation in the ‘2nd Congress of Minimally Invasive Surgery 2020’ Conference + name and surname of the participant.

2. In case the resignation will be notified no later that 14 days prior to the start date of the Conference the Participant will receive a 50% refund of the sums paid. In case the notification is made no sooner than on that date, the Participant will not be entitled to any compensation.

3. The sums payable will be returned to the Participant by wire transfer or postal order within 14 days of reception withdrawal notice by the Organizer.

4. No payment will be construed as resignation from participation in the Conference.

5. Failure to make payment on the designated date will result in accrual of statutory interest.

§ 6. Complaints

1. All complaints of Conference Participants concerning the Organizer should be submitted in writing, by certified mail, to the address of the Organizer, no later than 14 days after the end of Conference. After that date no further complaints will be considered.

2. Complaints will be considered within 14 days of their reception.

3. The Participants will be notified about acceptance or rejection of their complaint in writing, to the address indicated in their registration form.

§ 7. Insurance and responsibility

1.The Organizer does not insure and is not responsible for the lack of or interruptions in the transmission of the Online Conference caused by a malfunction of the Participant's computer equipment or internet connection, as well as caused by force majeure. The above does not apply to liability for interruptions or lack of transmission intentionally caused by the Organizer.

2.Regardless of the legal basis, in any case, the Organizer will not be responsible for loss of profits, loss of data, software, as well as their restoration to the previous state, the consequences of ceasing business activity.

3.It is forbidden to film and record the broadcast, as well as to share the link to the broadcast with people who are not registered as Conference Participants.

4. Application for participation is tantamount to consent to the free transfer to the Organizer of proprietary copyrights under the Act on Copyright and Related Rights of February 4, 1994 (Journal of Laws of 2006, No. 90, item 631, as amended) to chat entries posted during the Conference and to use them in any promotional, reference, scientific or educational materials, including those published also on the websites of the Organizer or its subsidiaries, in compliance with applicable regulations and without additional remuneration for the Organizer.

5. The participation of people participating in individual elements of the Conference program can be checked and monitored, e.g. by checking the attendance list, logins or with the use of electronic systems.

§ 8. Final provisions

1. The Organizer reserves the right to call off the Conference, or change its date, place or the respective items of schedule without justification.

2. In the aforesaid case the Participants will receive a full refund of their Conference participation fee within 30 days of the decision to call off the Conference.

3. The Participants have no right to claim any damages from the Organizer, connected with cancellation of the Conference, change of its date, place or the respective items of schedule.

4. The Participants are obliged to be familiar with the present Bylaws.

5. These Bylaws come in force on June 02th, 2020.